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Health and Safety Policy

With such a diverse client base and wide range of services offered, Total Interiors take health and safety extremely seriously with a robust, adaptable and effective company policy well established.

Interior refurbishments, fit outs and renovations call on a huge range of skills and raise an equally varied selection of risks needing effective and high quality management.

Our health and safety policy has been developed and evolved throughout our 20 year history on sites across London, Kent and Surrey, to be as flexible as possible to commercial environments, always applying the expertise and experience of our specialised team members like electricians and heating engineers as well as project managers. Designed to protect your customers and staff as well as our own fitters and installers the policy ensures all regulatory requirements are met and every member of the team on site understands their individual and collective safety responsibilities.

General risk assessments

The critical first stage is to identify every possible risk presented by any refurbishment or fit out project. Carrying out a series of surveys we take into account the property, its layout, usage and the movements of your team and customers through it as well as the planned works and specialised elements such as electrical and plumbing installations. Risk assessments are always carried out by a senior member of the team and fully reviewed to ensure every risk is accounted for.

Specialist detailing

Risk assessment reviews involve bringing in key experts that provide the specialist expertise within our service; electricians, plumbers and project managers all input advice on what constitutes a risk and how best to manage it, providing our risk assessor with decades of practical knowledge the team members have built up.

  1. Method statements

  2. Once the risk assessment is fully completed and we have found ways to meet all the statutory requirements of health and safety regulations, a method statement is drawn up planning out every stage of the refurbishment work in detail. Always subject to client approval the method statement acts as another check on the practicalities of risk management, schedules, budgets and planned works. It allows us a practical overview of the project step by step that leads to intelligent decision making; such as scheduling noisy work at times when it won’t disrupt your business, or high risk work when customer or staff numbers are at a minimum.

  3. Expert knowledge and understanding

  4. Even the most robust health and safety policy depends heavily on our installations team to properly apply it, and here 20 years of company experience and a focus on highly skilled and qualified individuals really pays dividends. Every person understands their responsibilities and is fully briefed in each project’s method statement. As an all-in-one company our various trades and specialists are all experienced working around and alongside each other to further enhance the safety provision; communication is excellent and workflows are well established.


We guarantee our clients across commercial sectors such as office, retail, education and medical, exceptional quality in every aspect of our work. Through well designed health and safety policies, specialist consultation, tight supervision and highly qualified installers we ensure our safety management procedures meet the same high standards for the good of everyone on or near site.

To learn more about our approach to interior refurbishment projects, provided throughout the London, Kent and Surrey region, contact us at anytime and let us arrange a no obligation survey and quotation.

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